Survive To Thrive: Journey Of Dr. Rajesh Soin

Vinit K. Bansal


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Today, Dr Rajesh Soin is the epitome of Indian-American success. He is an inspiring figure, much honored and much-touted when it comes to entrepreneurial vision and success. He is well-known as the founder of Modern Technologies Corporation (MTC), a multinational company which he started with a capital of $1700.

He grew up in straitened circumstances. In his childhood, he faced a devastating tragedy.

He arrived in America with only 75 cents in his pocket and no place to stay. When he started college, he had to subsist on $30 for a whole month, and in grad school, he got robbed at gunpoint.

When he started his company, there was a time when all his credit cards were maxed out to make payroll, and his finances were in dire straits. At a point in his professional life, he was so down that he felt like he was done for.

But Dr Soin fought all this and emerged a winner in life. Today, he has multiple companies in his portfolio, an enviable net worth, and investments all around the globe. He is a brand in himself, having many schools, colleges, and hospitals named after him, and being the recipient of many business and philanthropic awards.

But every success has its price. Everybody tends to see the shining part, overlooking the darker side, which has so much sweat, blood, hard work, perseverance, insecurities, and failures. In this book, we have covered Dr Soin’s journey from ordinariness to extraordinariness. This is the story of his personal life, entrepreneurial voyage, trials, tribulations, achievements, and learning along the way. How does he see the world? What is his vision? What are his aspirations?

You will get all the answers in this book, and in this process, you may find a new perspective on life too.


What will you learn from this book

  1. Entrepreneurial Journey: The book may delve into the entrepreneurial journey of Dr. Rajesh Soin, providing insights into how he built and grew his business ventures.

  2. Challenges Faced: It's common for biographies to highlight the challenges and obstacles the subject faced. The book might discuss how Dr. Rajesh Soin navigated through difficulties and setbacks.

  3. Business Strategies: Readers could gain insights into the business strategies employed by Dr. Rajesh Soin in various sectors, potentially spanning healthcare, entrepreneurship, or any other areas of focus.

  4. Leadership Style: The book might explore Dr. Soin's leadership style, including his approach to decision-making, team management, and overall leadership philosophy.

  5. Innovation and Adaptability: Successful individuals often showcase innovation and adaptability. The book could discuss instances where Dr. Rajesh Soin demonstrated these qualities in his professional life.

  6. Philanthropy and Social Impact: Biographies often touch upon the subject's philanthropic activities and the impact they've had on society. The book might discuss Dr. Soin's contributions to social causes.

  7. Personal Growth and Development: Readers may gain insights into Dr. Soin's personal growth and development, including any transformative experiences that shaped his outlook on life and business.

  8. Balancing Personal and Professional Life: The book might explore the balance between Dr. Soin's personal and professional life, shedding light on how he managed to navigate the demands of both.

  9. Industry and Sector Insights: Depending on Dr. Soin's areas of expertise, the book may offer insights into the industries or sectors he has been involved in, providing readers with industry-specific knowledge.

  10. Legacy and Reflections: Towards the end, the book may reflect on Dr. Rajesh Soin's legacy, his contributions to various fields, and the lasting impact he has had on the industries he's been a part of.

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ISBN-10 8195060196
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Published Date 03 Dec 2021
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