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Each and every one of us in this world wants to become rich and successful. We aim to become successful in businesses, ventures, relationships and ultimately in life. However, to be frank, most of us fail to become one or are partially successful in whatever we start off with. The author of the book, Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action, feels that there is a reason behind it.

Simon Sinek states the reason why some people are innovative, influential and more profitable than others is because they commenced their journey with 'why'. In this book, Sinek quotes that some of the most successful and influential people in the world like Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King Jr. focused not on the results of their venture but on the question why. People who ask 'why' than 'how' or 'what' are those who touch lives with their works and inspire people over the years.

They achieve remarkable things and carve a place for themselves in the world. By quoting some real life stories, the author gives clear ideas on what it takes to desire, inspire and lead. Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action is for those who dream big and want to achieve their dreams.

It is for those who do not compare themselves with others or complain on whatever comes in their life; but for those who are ready to face the challenges and emerge victorious against the odds and set an example. An inspiring book that will change the course of the way things work and how people perceived success.

What will you learn from this book


• Anyone can learn how to inspire. For that, you need a strong sense of WHY.

• Every person needs to have a purpose, a guiding force, a WHY. This allows the person to be and feel successful in life. The WHY then needs to be executed by answering the HOW and the WHAT.

• A leader and a person who leads are not necessarily the same. A leader comes from a position of power or authority whereas the person who leads is able to do so because of his vision.

• Success can be measured in monetary terms. But money doesn’t take into account value of certain non-monetary things and the priorities of the company or person.

• Don’t assume. You may not have the complete picture and your entire thought process might be based on some wrong assumption.

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Published Date 06 Oct 2011

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