Chisel's Blows

S N Dr Pathan



"Chisel's Blows" is analbum of the memories of my student life. I have penned thisautobiography especially for children who are struggling andencountering the pangs of adversities just as I have done. Many timesI find that students today get disheartened even by petty or trivialissues. If there is some flaw in their efforts, they either blame iton society, casteism or sometimes even on fate. They believe it to bethe fruit of their destiny and put an end to their efforts. Sometimesthey also fall prey to vices and do not reach their planneddestination.

Language English
ISBN-10 9789385665165
ISBN-13 9789385665165
No of pages 214
Book Publisher Vishwakarma Publications
Published Date 29 Aug 2016

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Author : S N Dr Pathan


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