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Paro is a heroic temptress, alluring and rapacious and the stuff of legend. Wandering through the world of privilege and Scotch whiskey that the rich inhabit, she is observed constantly by the acid Priya, eternal voyeur and diarist, who identifies strongly with the heroine of her favorite novel, Rebecca and vicariously follows the melodrama of Paro's life.

Priya herself is in love with her boss, the irresistible BR and sewing-machine magnate and 'the Housewife's Friend'. Pate, inevitably, marries him and to Priya's fury. But BR is merely one among a whole string of admirers; Paro has seduced many.

Eventually, as in all moral tales, Paro succumbs to life and circumstances and but not before the reader has been wildly entertained by social comedy without parallel in Indian writing. This is a reprint of the original published in 1984. --This text relation is attached to paperback edition.

Language English
ISBN-10 014310099-8
ISBN-13 978-0143100997
No of pages 172
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Penguin India
Published Date 12 Dec 2006

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