Agile Project Management by Gary Chin

Gary Chin


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"In a fast-paced environment filled with uncertainty, successfully completing projects on time can feel like running an obstacle course. An emphasis on speed often forces project teams to make decisions without crucial data, leading to frequent changes of direction once more information becomes known. If people aren't light on their feet, complicated projects can easily get tripped up. Agile Project Management gives readers the strategies they need to take charge of urgent projects that involve unique resources and elements of uncertainty.

The book offers an improvement upon classical project management processes by tying project processes more directly to the ever-changing requirements of business objectives -- achieving improved flexibility and response time. Filled with examples showing how to implement agile PM into all project situations, the book demonstrates how to develop an appropriate and supportive infrastructure and environment, and reviews the roles of the project manager, general management, and the project team. Agile Project Management is the ultimate method for achieving superior results in an accelerated and changing environment."

Language English
ISBN-10 9780814471760
ISBN-13 9780814471760
No of pages 220
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Amacom
Published Date 01 Jan 2014

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