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Senator Ashley Butler is a quintessential demagogue whosesupport of traditional American values includes a knee-jerk reaction againstvirtually all biotechnologies. When he is called on the chair a sub-committeeintroducing legislation to ban new cloning technology, the senator views it as akeystone to his political future. As a consequence, Dr. Daniel Lowell - inventorof a technique that will take stem-cell research up to the next level - sees abarrier being raised before his biotech start-up. These seemingly oppositepersonalities may clash during the Senate hearing, yet the two men share acommon failing. Butler's hunger for political power far outstrips his genuineconcern for the unborn; while Lowell's pursuit of massive personal wealth andcelebrity overrides any real consideration for his patient's well-being. Furthercomplicating their confrontation is the confidential news that Senator Butlerhas developed Parkinson's disease - which leads the senator and the researcherinto a Faustian pact. Taken straightout of tomorrow's headlines, Seizure is cautionary tale for this agewhen new biotechnological discoveries are pulling us ever further into apromising yet frightening new world.
Language English
ISBN-10 9-780330-426367
No of pages 463
Book Publisher Berkley Pub Group
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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