The Big Book Of Meeting Games

Marlene Caroselli



Inspired meetings are the lifeblood of a strong, innovative organization. The Big Book of Meeting Games provides meeting leaders with challenging and entertaining activities that improve group dynamics, emphasize meeting objectives, and create an atmosphere conducive to both creativity and getting things done.

This guide for meeting leaders turns often-intimidating facilitation and decision-making tools into "games" that are lively, yet appropriate for any business setting. Meeting participants will stay energized and involved through games designed to:

  • Define the key issues of a meeting
  • Help participants "break the ice"
  • Convert complainers into contributors
  • Find opportunities in problems
  • Achieve consensus among opposing viewpoints
  • Disarm confrontational participants
  • Expedite decision making
  • Begin and end meetings on time

Any number of books will provide you with research and viewpoints on the long-term costs of dull, uninspired meetings. The Big Book of Meeting Games features hands-on, proactive tools to help meeting leaders and facilitators avoid dull, uninspired meetings and to keep every participant involved, inspired, and eager to contribute instead.

Language English
ISBN-10 0-07-059044-3
No of pages 234
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Tata Mcgraw-Hill
Published Date 16 Aug 2004

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