The Ultimate Gift

Jim Stovall





What would you do to inherit a million dollars? Would you be willing to change your life? Jason Stevens is about to find out in Jim Stovall's The Ultimate Gift. Red Stevens has died, and the older members of his family receive their millions with greedy anticipation.

But a different fate awaits young Jason, whom Stevens, his great-uncle, believes may be the last vestige of hope in the family. "Although to date your life seems to be a sorry excuse for anything I would call promising, there does seem to be a spark of something in you that I hope we can fan into a flame.

For that reason, I am not making you an instant millionaire." What Stevens does give Jason leads to The Ultimate Gift. Young and old will take this timeless motivational story to heart.


What will you learn from this book


• Real wealth comes from learning the value of the important things in life such as family and friends.

• You can truly enjoy something when you have earned it. The satisfaction of work well done makes the time of relaxation much more pleasurable.

• Only when you deal with problems in life head-on you can survive. The fight with the small things gives you the ability to cope with the larger issues.

• You need a purpose in life to live. This purpose should be yours and it should suit you. Adopting somebody else’s purpose can’t give you the sense of fulfillment or the drive to succeed in life.

Language English
ISBN-10 8188452041
ISBN-13 978-8188452040
No of pages 128
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Embassy Books
Published Date 01 Jan 2003

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