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John Nichol & Tony Rennell

The Last Escape by Tony Rannell and John Nichol is an extraordinary look at the final days of World War II. As WW2 drew to a close, hundreds of thousands of ...


Joseph Stiglitz

Four years after his global bestseller, Joseph Stiglitz now brings the story up to the present, examining how change has occurred even more rapidly since then, ...


Anne Applebaum

We know a great deal about the Nazi death camps, but almost nothing about the vast network of labour camps which were once scattered across Russia - from the Wh...

In Circulation

Jared Diamond

In Collapse, Jared Diamond investigates the fate of past human societies, and the lessons for our own future. What happened to the people who built the ruined t...


Michael Klare

Since September 11th 2001 and the commencement of the 'war on terror', the world's attention has been focused on the relationship between US foreign...


Lucy Moore

In MAHARANIS Lucy Moore brilliantly recreates the lives of four princesses - two grandmothers, a mother and a daughter - of the Royal courts of India. Their ext...


Spencer Wells

Around 60,000 years ago, a man, identical to us in all important respects, walked the soil of Africa. Every man alive today is descended from him. How did he co...


Simon Winchester

Simon Winchester's brilliant chronicle of the destruction of the Indonesian island of Krakatoa in 1883 charts the birth of our modern world. He tells the st...


Franz Kafka

This collection of new translations brings together the small proportion of Kafka's works that he himself thought worthy of publication. It includes Metamor...


Clive Cussler

1950: the rusting hulk of a steam locomotive is raised from the depths of a Montana lake. Inside are three bodies, bloody clue to a fortune lost for over forty ...


Paul Theroux

This fabulous, far-reaching book breathtakingly captures the tumult, ambition, hardship and serenity that mark modern India. Theroux’s characters risk ven...


Roald Dahl

Meet Oswald Hendriks Cornelius, Roald Dahl's most disgraceful and extraordinary character . . . Aside from being thoroughly debauched, strikingly attractive...