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Sujit Banerjee

" Twenty-six alphabets, twenty-six names, and twenty-six short stories. Each exploring one unique emotion, taking you into the dark recess of the mind. Som...


Monisha K Gumber

This book is the final and third part of Monisha K Gumber’s Teen book series. The first and second one being Sick of Being Healthy and Dying to Live respe...


Paresh P.Ajmera

Human identity that you flaunt, refresh and update daily is bared in a liberating manner and the garb of religious beliefs/non-beliefs is made to fit such an id...


Mallikarjun B. Mulimani

Walker Walker was neither a Lion nor a Lion cub. He was an adolescent bursting with hormones. He was already a whimsical Butterfly painting life gay with his i...


Vasimraja Bhavikatti

India’s one and only forensic Cyber psychologist, Professor fabulous is summoned by National Cyber defence of India to hunt down the mastermind behind a c...


Prem L. Nain

1935, a British-ruled India: When hardly any legal practitioners of Indian origin were allowed to practice, Paresh Rastogi, a young and righteous lawyer, arrive...


Kamesh Ramakrishna

In the Bronze Age world of 2000 B.C.E., Hastinapura is a male-governed trading outpost, in the midst of many smaller matriarchies. This novel is the untold stor...


Jasveer Singh Dangi

When Nasir-ud-Din Muḥammad Shah, a weak Mughal king, discovers the whereabouts of powerful weapons used in the worst battle mankind had ever seen, he is ready...


Gurucharan Singh Gandhi

ishnukant Ahlawat, a top defence honcho, working on India’s response to the Chinese Dokalam intransigence is killed in his hospital room. Is it a coincide...


Sumit Mullick

Is there evidence of some kind of existence beyond death, or is death the final destination...the end of everything? Ajit Singh, the custodian of the laws th...


Niharika Singh Sharma

Zoya has a perfect life. A happy marriage, loving children, and a satisfying career. She never pondered how things could have been different until a sudde...


Shinji Yoshikawa

As time went by and I was about to turn fifty, I could only take three or four days off at the most. I have learned to use this as an excuse to "buy time w...