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Dan Miller

Is Your Job Making You “Stupid”? Adam Smith, author of The Wealth of Nations, once wrote that a person who spends his life performing the same re...


Roger Ailes

Learn the secrets of communication that win elections, promotions, and customers, from Roger Ailes, media consultant to Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W....


Adrian J. Slywotzky , David J. Morrison

The biggest, most important issue in business today--becoming digital--touches not only traditional enterprises but the most avant-garde of Internet companies a...

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Jim Camp

Jim Camp, the world’s #1 negotiating coach, shows how to release the emotional pressure that’s part of any negotiation by using his proven system of...


Joel Kurtzman , Glenn Rifkin & Victoria Griffith

The best minds in business—at your service MBA in a Box brings together some of the best brains in business who show how the core curriculum of an MBA ...

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Ram Charan

The universal laws of business success . . . no matter whether you are selling fruit from a stand or running a Fortune 500 company. Have you ever noticed that...

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John Micklethwait , Adrian Wooldridge

A Future Perfect is the first comprehensive examination of the most important revolution of our time--globalization--and how it will continue to change our live...


Jim Stengel

Ten years of research uncover the secret source of growth and profit … Those who center their business on improving people’s lives have a growth...


T.J. Rodgers

A guide to out-innovating, out-executing, and out-hustling the competition takes readers inside the author's own office, revealing his "hiring book,&qu...


Seth Goldman , Barry Nalebuff , Sungyoon Choi

In an incredibly fun and accessible two-color graphic-book format, the cofounders of Honest Tea tell the engaging story of how they created and built a mission-...


Farnoosh Torabi

Your Good Life Starts Now Live beyond your means but spend within them. Take your steady out for that $350 dinner after the big promotion. You might just ...


Laurie Beth Jones

Jesus Built an Inspired Team. You Can, Too. Laurie Beth Jones has given hundreds of thousands of business readers insight into how the ideas of Jesus can be ...

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