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Ken Blanchard

How management can effectively rid themselves of ‘monkeys’ – other people’s responsibilities that cling to them and prevent them managin...

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Suman Srivastava

Marketing Unplugged is a toolkit of new techniques that you should use to come up with your marketing strategy. This book speaks of experts who tell us that it ...

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Debashis Basu , Sucheta Dalal

In 1992, the Harshad Mehta scam led to profound changes in capital market regulation and infrastructure. One of these was setting up the NSE as a cleaner altern...

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Philip R. Nulman

Provides a guide to extreme customer service with practical advice and real-life case studies that highlight the methods necessary to keep existing customers ha...

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Bob Moawad

What is the small difference that makes all the difference? What is the difference between high achievers and low achievers? What are the fudamentals that guara...

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Patrick Forsyth

Whether you know it or not, negotiations are constantly taking place and thus form a critical part of work life. Negotiation is relevant to discussions between ...

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David F. Stephan , Kathryn A. Szabat

The world of business statistics has grown larger, expanding into and combining with other disciplines. And, in a reprise of something that occurred a generatio...

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Jim McKelvey

From the cofounder of Square, an inspiring and entertaining account of what it means to be a true entrepreneur and what it takes to build a resilient, world-cha...

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Vivek Wadhwa

Technology is advancing faster than ever - but for better or for worse? On the one hand, astonishing technology developments such as personalized genomics, self...

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Kaustubh Sonalkar

We do our best thinking when our minds are free to wander, and our minds are most free when we do routine tasks like fetching ourselves a cup of coffee or water...

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Jay Elliot

This book is about how Steve managed and motivated his people and what every manager can learn from Jobs about motivating people to do the best work of their li...

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Rosalie Maggio

An organizational system that can becustomized to fit your lifestyle Millions of readers have turned to Rosalie Maggio’s no-nonsense strategies for imp...

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