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Cheryl Rao

Long and Short Teen Tales is a collection of wistful, wacky and weird short stories for teenagers everywhere. Summary of the Book A teenager's life is...


Chitralekha Choudhuri

The Benson family suddenly inherits an estate outside London and a business which designs advanced Maritime Surveillance Systems for the Ministry of Defense. Th...


Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Stories- Ebenezer Scrooge is a mean, grumpy, joyless old man. He does not believe in being generous or happy, even at Chri...


Bijal Vachharajani

Amni wakes up one morning to find the sky taken over by a huge brown cloud. Where did this cloud appear from suddenly? Even as she and her friends Mithil, Tammy...


Ruskin Bond

This much I can tell you,’ writes Ruskin Bond in his introduction to this journal, ‘for all its hardships and complications, life is simple.’ ...


Tanushree Podder

Manikarnika, a poor priest’s daughter, grew up in the small town of bithoor, at the court of the exiled Peshwa of Poona. Brave, spirited and highly intell...


Leela Gour Broome

Earthquake Boy – January 2001: A twelve-year-old boy is found under a pile of rubble after the devastating earthquake in Bhuj. Miraculously, he’s st...


Anitha Murthy

Razia Sultan, born to Iltutmish of the Slave dynasty, was groomed from a young age by her father to learn all the skills of a ruler. Brave, strong, confident an...


Bulbul Sharma

Walk into a delightful garden full of birds, bees, nests, trees, flowers, and lots and lots of stories. A great big jamun tree and a fat cat dominate Bulbul ...


Subhadra Sen Gupta

Ajji may have died, but her presence lingers around the abacus she used, always ready to pick faults in her grandchildren and point out their mistakes. But when...


Jerry Pinto

Why is the hamster such a scamster? What’s it with mothers and coconut oil? What happens to children who dig their noses? Why do we need new days...


Lewis Carroll

Life gets strange when Alice sees a white rabbit wearing a coat and gloves. Then she follows him down a hole. Suddenly she grows smaller, larger, smaller, large...

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