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H. S. Sardesai

'The epic text of Ranjit Desai's Shriman Yogi finds new voice in Vikrant Pande's nuanced translation, an immersive narrative of the foundations of t...

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William Craig

This stunning new film brings to life the true story of Vassili Zaitsez, a Russian sniper credited with over 140 kills during the Battle of Stalingrad, as docum...

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People all around the world are fascinated by Indian history, culture and the way people are still connected with their roots. This book covers comprehensive In...

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Chinmaya R. Gharekhan

We the Peoples', in whose name the United Nations was created in 1945, assess the success or failure of the organisation primarily by its effectiveness in m...

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Gavin Menzies

On 8 March 1421, the largest fleet the world had ever seen set sail from China. The ships, some nearly five hundred feet long, were under the command of Emperor...

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Sudhir Kumar

With around 1.4 million employees and 1.1 million pensioners, one of the world's largest railway networks (over 63,332 kms of routes) running approximately ...

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One of the most arduous tasks before strategic decision makers in the field of security deals with the twin problems of military production and procurement. Fas...

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E.H.Gombrich translated by Caroline Mustill

E. H. Gombrich's bestselling history of the world for young readers tells the story of mankind from the Stone Age to the atomic bomb, focusing not on small ...

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Henry M Paulson

DEALING WITH CHINA takes the reader behind closed doors to witness the creation and evolution and future of China's state-controlled capitalism.Hank Paulson...

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Anam Zakaria

The Partition of British India and the subsequent creation of two antagonist countries is a phenomenon that we are still trying to comprehend. Millions displace...

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Sunil Khilnani

For all of India’s myths, stories and moral epics, Indian history remains a curiously unpeopled place. In Incarnations, Sunil Khilnani fills that space, r...

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