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Abraham Eraly

‘It is hard to imagine anyone succeeding more gracefully in producing a balanced overview than Abraham Eraly’ —William Dalrymple, Sunday Times...

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Vajpayee PMO member's account of the quest for peace in a troubled state There comes a day in one's life when one feels it should all be put down bef...

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Percival Spear

This second volume of a classic introduction to India's history deals with the Mughal and British periods, tracing the continuities that pervaded them. Mugh...

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Fali S. Nariman

A timely volume that highlights the forthright and candid views and opinions on a wide variety of pertinent issues by one of India's most respected legal lu...

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Ravi Bhatt

Political, social, cultural history of Lucknow District,India;covers the period, 1722-1856; includes accounts of the lifeofvarious rulers of the place.

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Mark Urban

The size of western armed forces, their stocks of weaponry and their readiness for combat are declining. Meanwhile, growing nationalism is hampering internation...

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Gordon Thomas

Gordon Thomas has a grasp of history… this is one of the few books to have captured the true nature of the Israeli Government and the thorough process of...

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Dr Vijay Kelkar & Dr Ajay Shah

As a $3-trillion economy, India is on her way to becoming an economic superpower. Between 1991 and 2011, the period of our best growth, there was also a substan...

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Caroline Criado Pérez

Our world is largely built for and by men, in a system that can ignore half the population. This book will tell you how and why this matters In The Other H...

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Tanushree Podder

Nur Jahan ruled Hindustan from behind the Mughal throne for sixteen years. Her story is one of wonder and awe and she is the delight of historians and writers t...

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Andrew Donovan

The authors stumbled across the Naadi palm-leaf readers of India while visiting the country to attend a wedding. The Hidden Oracle describes their astonishment ...

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Sanjay Suri

A chilling eyewitness account of the anti-Sikh violence Sanjay Suri was a young crime reporter with The Indian Express newspaper in New Delhi when Prime Mini...

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