Love - From Alpha to Omega

A Book For Lovers Only. Haters, hands off !

Cyrus M Gonda , Tia Kulkarni , Kainaz J





7 Brainstorming Days + 7 Creative nights = An Explosive Collection of Love stories.

That’s all it has taken ‘us three’ to author this book of invigorating short stories, woven around the eight Greek ‘Types of Love....’

Did you know that the Greeks believed that there were 8 types of Love?

Philos (friendly), Storge (familial), Ludus (playful), Eros (erotic), Mania (obsessive), Pragma (enduring), Philautia (self), Agape (brotherhood).

Presenting to you, the only one of its kind and for the first time ever, a comprehensive book of 8 modern-age love stories inspired by the Lovers of Love themselves, the Ancient Greeks....

From a large-hearted cat that welcomes an unlikely member into her home, to those facing challenging blood ties; from an unexpected Valentine proposal, to a sensual forbidden encounter; from an unhealthy, selfish obsession, to soulmate’s enduring endless tests through time; from learning to put oneself first to striking a lifelong bond with a complete stranger.

So - Brace yourself! Each story in this book is about to take you on a rollicking rollercoaster ride of gut-churning and uplifting emotions!

Then again, isn’t that exactly what LOVE is supposed to do ?


Dying to dive into these stories. As should you. What’s there not to love about a book on love?

  • MAYANK SHEKHAR,  Leading film critic and author

Amazing concept and amazing book. This book is so worth a read - Can’t be missed !!

  • PRASHANT SHISHODIA - Senior Entertainment Editor - NDTV

Greek type of love tales written in 7 days? Of course I’m Intrigued to know more!!!

  • ASHOK THAKERIA, Bollywood’s top film producer
Language English
No of pages 120
Book Publisher i-Read Publications
Published Date 04 Apr 2020
Audio Book Length 02:47:04

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Author : Kainaz J


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