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Jyothi Menon & Pradeep Nevatia

Brand-wise is all about creating a brand of an organization to attract talent. people presumably view companies they want to work for Exactly the same way they ...


Steve Rivkin & Fraser Seitel

An easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement method for creating new ideas and new products This book blows the lid off the so-called "idea gurus" by d...

In Circulation

J Krishnamurti

"On Truth" offers Krishnamurti's most profound ruminations on the search for truth.In 1929,he began his life of public teaching by saying,"Tr...


R Parthasarathy

The scientists selected by the author of this book span several centuries and all most all the persons who laid the foundation of modern science and built its e...


Robert B Tucker

In Driving Growth Through Innovation , acclaimed author and consultant Robert B Tucker takes you behind the scenes inside 23 Innovation Vanguard Companies to be...


Eshwar Sundaresan

"Over twelve thousand foreigners(that is, more than half the expatriate population in the country) now live in Bangalore. They hail from diverse background...


Ron Kaufman

Amazing stories of spectacular service - and how you can do it, too. Real drama and trauma of service disasters - and what you must avoid. Key lessons and learn...


Bobby Menon


D B Frazier

Imagine that each of us is an egg. On the outside we are hard and designed to with stand many external forces. But , despite our strength, some pressures can ea...


Vijay Eswaran

In this remarkably simple book, Vijay Eswaran shares the secret of his success, the Sphere of Silence, the single most powerful thing any person can do to succe...



Chains is the story of ?John? Janakiraman, a non-resident Indian (NRI),who returns to Madras, his home town, after serving a top US Corporation in Silicon Valle...