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Swapnaja Deshmukh

"Every character in this poem is inspired to write and live about them.I am also inspired from my mother and husband and surrounding people, they take me i...


Meghdoot Karnik

"Do you have a Dronacharya around you at the workplace? Will you take a risk like Abhimanyu? Should you be as large hearted as Duryodhana? Different indivi...


Harmeet Kaur

Writing has always been on My mind for years. I had to give a vent to all the ideas and concepts that were occupying My mind. Every single woman is the most mag...


Vidushi Garg

Teena is a 13-year-old girl who has always longed to study in a good Englishmedium school. But there are no such schools in her small town. She clears the entra...


Kamlakar Gune

“Rain Drops “written by Kamalakar Gune, is a Collection of Short Essays, Anecdotes and Nostalgia. These are Authors reflections, narrations and opin...


Mohanlal Mishra

This book is an array of poems written in different times as the writer travels through the journey filled with moments of peace, agony, pain and relief. The po...


Uttam Kumar

First Job is every person’s dream. It brings financial freedom to the person concerned. One starts taking financial decisions independently. In the ye...


Swati Singh Sambyal

"Butterflies in my jar is a collection of 74 short poems that will take you on a journey − a journey to wilderness, places you longed to travel and d...


Ruchi Khanna

"The Girl in Red is the story of a woman, awakening to the truth of who she is. The adopted daughter of well respected philanthropist, Titlee has grown up ...


K Shehrebanu

This is not the first book on yoga and its immense benefits, you will find thousands of such books. however, here in this book, I have tried to show how easy it...



The book is the story of three compelling characters- all women- Hema, Zarine and Sr. Margaret. The plot addresses their career, families and vocation. All thre...


Girish Shrivastav

This book is not only for the Indians but all those people from all over the world those who are disappointed with their lives and give up in the middle of goal...