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Stephen R Covey

In any conflict, the First Alternative is my way, and the Second Alternative is your way. The fight always boils down to a question of whose way is better. This...


Gerard I. Nierenberg , Henry H. Calero

How to Read a Person Like a Book is designed to teach you how to interpret and respond to the nonverbal signals of business associates, friends, loved ones, and...



Delegating Work is a book that is a part of the 20-Minute Manager series. It is important to delegate work in order to free up time and to get more productive w...


Josh Kaufman

'Lots of books promise to change your life. This one actually will' -Seth Godin Pick up any new skill in just 20 hours... Want to learn to paint, ...


Spencer Johnson

"Yes" or "No," from the #1 New York Times bestselling author Spencer Johnson, presents a brilliant and practical system anyone can use to ma...


Seema Goswami

Life as a working woman is tough especially if you want to get to the top. You have to work harder than most men and still be the one who runs the show at ...


A C Grayling

Thinking about life, what it means and what it holds in store does not have to be a despondent experience, but rather can be enlightening and uplifting. A life ...


Ken Blanchard , Marc Muchnick

Now can you become a more successful manager, a stronger team leader, and a motivator who gets the best results from a group? Ken Blanchard and Marc Muchnick...


Bertrand Russell

In this volume Bertrand Russell outlines the basic tenets of his political code. He shows that to think, speak and act without interference is our most cherishe...


Sabina Spencer

We stand in the doorway of the Relationship Age, says Sabina Spencer. With rapid connections now possible through the internet and digital technology, we feel t...


Jesse Stoner , Ken Blanchard

NEW EDITION, REVISED AND UPDATED Through a beautifully written, engaging story about two people who are struggling to create visions—both for the compa...


Stephen Bayley & Roger Mavity

The pitch is the absolute essence of modern business. Ideas are the most valuable commodity in the modern economy and it is human skill which develops them. In ...