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Harvard Business Essentials

Innovation is an undisputed catalyst for company growth, yet many managers across industries fail to create a climate that encourages and rewards innovation. Ma...


Charles Fishman

An award-winning journalist breaks through the wall of secrecy to reveal the many astonishing ways Wal-Mart's power affects our lives and reaches all around the...


Graeme K Deans & Fritz Kroeger

Stretch! shows business leaders how to achieve sustained business growth even in the toughest economic times. A.T. Kearney surveyed some 29,000 global companies...


Rob Goffee & Gareth Jones

The idea of corporate culture was popularized more than 15 years ago in Terrence Deal and Allan Kennedy's Corporate Cultures: The Rites and Rituals of Corporate...


Mark Gerzon

As our world grows smaller, opportunities for conflict multiply. Ethnic, religious, political, and personal differences drive people apart with potentially disa...


Stedman Graham

Diversity is literally changing the face of our nations. Workers of all backgrounds are merging into a global marketplace, while businesses are challenged by a ...


James P Andrew & Harold L Sirkin

If you're like most people, you bet your career and company on innovation--because you must. Payback: Reaping the Rewards of Innovation offers you a new way to ...


Constance L Hays

Coca-Cola is the world's best-known brand, and perhaps the most quintessentially American one: a beverage with no nutritional value, sold variously as a remedy,...


Monica C Higgins

Based on her research of 800 biotechnology companies and 3,200 biotechnology executives, Harvard Business School professor Monica Higgins discovered that one fi...


Ian Jackman

What inspires a person to create? How does an artist see the world? What happens during a "eureka moment?" How does an artist find self-discipline? The Artist's...


Richard Leblanc & James Gillies

Distinguished governance experts offer cures for what ails our boards of directors. In light of corporate malfeasance in recent years, the governance of corpora...


James Lee Witt & James Morgan

For James Lee Witt, the man who rebuilt America's emergency response system, the most inspiring and effective lessons-about personal responsibility, team bu...