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joan liebmann -Smith Jacqueline Nardi Egan

From brittle hair to hair in all the wrong places, a tingling tush, mismatched eyes, streaked nails, inverted nipples, and excessive flatulence, to name just a ...


Deepa Suhas Awchat

Years of research and dedication to Doan and Portuguese cuisine and reflected in this book which will be evident from the first recipe you try. Welcome to a tru...


Paul Mckenna

Would you like to eat whatever you want and still lose weight? Would you like to feel really happy with your body? Are you unable to lose those last 10 po...


Susan Powter

Demonstrating how readers can eat for health and pleasure, a practical and humorous guide by a renowned fitness expert explains how to grocery shop, prepare low...


Michael Pollan

Food Rules: An Eater's Manual is a relevant read in today’s society. In the rat race of life, people seldom have time to eat proper meals. Hence, many...


Michael F.Roizen Mehmet C. Oz Joint Commission

America’s doctors, Mehmet Oz and Mike Roizen, show you how to become your own medical detective and get the best health care possible. Everyone needs t...


John ratcliffe

Low glycemic index planning with quick and simple recipes. Over 100 delicious and healthy low budget meals, work day lunches, vegetarian ideas and meals for two...


Arthur Waley

One of the most influential books of all time, The Analects of Confucius collects the sayings and wisdom of the Chinese philosopher and his followers. Still as ...


Rose Gray

With River Cafe Cook Book Easy Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers pioneered a new approach to cooking and eating. Knowing that people lead busy and demanding lives, they...


Sanjeev Kapoor

As Sanjeev Kapoor books continue to overpower Indian kitchens, this book Khazana of healthy Tasty recipes brings forth recipes that are fresh in their methods a...


Suzanne Somers

No one knows the self-denial--and the failure rate--of dieting better than Suzanne Somers. The Three's Company and Step-by-Step star struggled with her weig...