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Marilyn Segal

This volume contains hundreds of suggestions for creative play and for coping with everyday life with toddlers. "An excellent guide to the hows, whys, and ...


Megha Patil

An exciting journey through India’s coastal regions for lovers of seafood. In this book, Megha Patil brings together a collection of exotic and delectable...


Rachna Chhachhi

Reverse lifestyle diseases via this book and manage them without medication. Nutritional Therapist & author Rachna Chhachhi shows you how to reverse chronic...


Dr Mark Hyman

By 2025 there will be more than 4 million people in Britain with diabetes. Every day, 400 new cases are diagnosed. In The Blood Sugar Solution, Dr Mark Hyman...


Dr. Ravi Bapat & Dr. Kamaxi Bhate

As per the statistics provided by the World Health Organisation, approximately 70 percent of illnesses do not require medication. Simple home remedies can help ...


Dr.Muffazal Lakdawala

Clean out your kitchen, stock up on wholesome ingredients ,and cook delicious, nourishing meals for the family. Because eating right is the best prescription fo...


Karen Amen

Four out of five women say they would love to change the shape of their bottom and thighs. Using exercises with a proven track record Karen Amen provides easy-t...


Jose Silva with Ed Bernd Jr.

Suggests techniques for improving one's fitness, flexibility, and concentration, and includes advice on losing weight, breaking bad habits, recovering from ...


Ravi Mantha

Obesity and lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, chronic heart ailments and stroke are fast becoming global pandemics. This is because our health depends almost...


Dr & Master Zhi Gang Sha.

Self Healing Series #1 New Yourk Times Bests


Sonica Krishan

All people are different. Diverse personalities are found within a single family. People differ not only in appearance and temperament, but also in attitude, ta...