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George Eckes

Describes the business acumen and leadership skills needed to effectively incorporate Six Sigma into an organization's DNA, executing initiatives throughout...

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Don Schultz & Heidi Schultz

Explains IMC: what it is, what it means to you, and how to use it to power your organization's growth and financial success. This book shows you how to focu...

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Victor R Buzzotta & Robert E Lefton

This title provides a powerful, behavioral-science-based approach to closing sales and building customer loyalty. In today's super-competitive selling envir...

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David G Pugh & Terry R Bacon

Powerful Proposals gives businesses proven strategies for creating customer-centered documents that outshine the competition every time Powerful Proposals go...


Jack Trout

By the author of "Positioning", this text has been updated with new examples and Jack Trout's new perspectives on the "battle" for the c...


Eeliot Ettenberg

Within the next decade, customers, who already hold the lion's share of economic decision-making power, will be in total control of what is sold, how, where...

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Michael T. Bosworth & John R. Holland

CustomerCentric SellingTM shows salespersons how to differentiate themselves and their offerings by appealing to customer needs, steering away from making one-w...

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Scott Morgan

What drives day-to-day behaviour in an organization? The author proposes that the "silent engines" are not official policies but "unwritten"...


Vivek Randive

In the mid 1980s systems integration visionary Vivek Ranadive broke the real-time information barrier and helped to digitize Wall Street. With his international...


Hiroaki Yoshihara & Mary Pat McCarthy

Presents an exclusive roadmap for steering your company's global expansion to success. Using case studies and interviews with executives, this book takes yo...


Michael Sincere

This is the first book for people who want to make serious money in the stock market without becoming an expert. History has proven that the surest road to long...

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Craig L. Pearce Joseph A. Maciariello Mideki Tanlw

Why Drucker's Ideas Matter More Now than Ever“This book is an excellent way to understand how Drucker’s ideas apply to today’s dilemmas, b...