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Rolf Dobelli

Human beings are supposed to be rational creatures, capable of highly analytical thinking. Decision making involves seeing all the aspects of the matter clearly...

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Parag Parikh

"When others are greedy be fearful and when others are fearful be greedy"-ill-timed bouts of greed and fear among investors make stock markets volatil...

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Dale Carnegie

This is the book that gave birth to a self-improvement industry that spans the Globe (according to the Daily Express Newspaper). First written in 1936, this is ...

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Dr. Joseph Murphy

One of the most widely acclaimed self-help books ever written, THE POWER OF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND has helped over one million people around the world achieve a...

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Ananya Gulati

The book "The Friendship Squad and the Robust (Pulsemin Chronicles) is the second series of The Friendship Squad and another adventure with Karan and Krish...

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Roop Chand Verma

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Vinit K. Bansal

Today, Dr Rajesh Soin is the epitome of Indian-American success. He is an inspiring figure, much honored and much-touted when it comes to entrepreneurial vision...

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Govinda Das

Choosing choices, is our right and the consequences are our responsibilities. “In reality, life is dynamic, and can be likened to an incalculable river, o...

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Shrideep Ghogare

Dushtantak – (Dusht – Antak) The destroyer of evil is a mythological fiction equally distributed in three parts singing the saga of seven immortals ...

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Hemant Saxena

‘Olive Diaries’ is a collection of seven sensitive stories that brings out precious moments from the lives of ordinary people and their extraordinar...

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Devapatni Bhoopathy

My time as a volunteer has given me insights into my persona which otherwise would have remained hidden in the recesses of my retired life I have discovered a p...

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Rimsha Hasan

You're seven and you must pick which parent you want to stay with. You're an adolescent contemplating to be or not to be while a holding a knife to your...

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