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Simon Reeve

At 4:30 a.m. on September 5, 1972, a band of Palestinian terrorists took eleven Israeli athletes and coaches hostage at the Summer Olympics in Munich. More than...


James Risen

With relentless media coverage, breathtaking events, and extraordinary congressional and independent investigations, it is hard to believe that we might not kno...


Hew Strachan

Hew Strachan is one of the world's foremost experts on the Great War of 1914-18. His ongoing three-volume history of the conflict, the first of which was pu...


Gordon Thomas

Created in 1951 to ensure an embattled Israel's future, the Mossad has been responsible for the most audacious and thrilling feats of espionage, counterterr...


Kenneth R Timmerman

“The most urgent and disastrous threat to world peace today is the looming danger that Iran will produce nuclear weapons. . . . Kenneth R. Timmerman, a U....


Milton Viorst

America’s engagement with the Arab world stretches back far beyond the Iraq wars. According to Milton Viorst, the current conflict is simply the latest ro...


Donovan Webster

In the tradition of Band of Brothers and Anthony Beevor's Stalingrad, Donovan Webster's The Burma Road vividly recreates one of the astonishing and impo...


Bob Woodward

In his unmissable new book Bob Woodward takes the reader on an inside journey from the start of the Iraq War in 2003 right up to the present day, providing a de...


Carl Zimmer

We take it for granted that the brain is the seat of our minds, the part of the body that is most ourselves. 500 years ago, Europeans, if they thought about the...


Jon E Lewis

War, as the general said, is hell. But in a few it also brings out the best. Heroism and horror are the keynotes of this gripping new collection of war writing....


George Soros

After reflecting on his support of a losing Democrat for president, George Soros steps back to revisit his views on why George Bush's policies around the wo...


Bernard E. Trainor , Michael R. Gordon

Written by the chief military correspondent of the New York Times and a prominent retired Marine general, this is the definitive account of the invasion of Iraq...