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Zbigniew Brzezinski

When it comes to what might be called the 'philosophy' of foreign policy-the relationship of U.S. power and policy to broader historical and cultural trends-no ...


Warren Bennis & Burt Nanus

In this illuminating study of corporate America's most critical issue—leadership—world-renowned leadership guru Warren Bennis and his co-author Bu...


Brian Tracy , Campbell Fraser

Those who have been lucky enough to have Brian Tracy as their personal coach have transformed their lives and careers, increased their incomes, and dramatically...


Stephanie Capparell

In America's long march toward racial equality, small acts of courage by men and women whose names we don't recall have contributed mightily to our nation's str...


Peter Chippindale & Chris Horrie

The SUN is more than a newspaper. It is, in its own words, a phenomenon - the biggest-selling daily paper in the English language, fascinating 12 million reader...


Robert G Cooper

As we learned from New Coke,, Apple's original handheld device, the Newton, and the reissued Ford Thunderbird, all the promotion in the world won't sav...


Richard Parkes Cordock

What would you ask a millionaire entrepreneur if you were sat next to one on a plane? Wouldn't you be curious to know how they managed to create, control and ta...


Staurt Crainer

Charles Babbage, On the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures (1832)- Meredith Belbin, Management Teams: Why They Succeed or Fail (1984) - Warren Bennis & Burt ...


Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Since the publication of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s Flow in 1990, the notion of "flow"—the state of optimal experience in which one loses oneself i...


Terry R Bacon & David G Pugh

In an age where even the best products are quickly imitated, businesses must constantly find new ways to outpace competitors. Successful companies differentiate...


Elizabeth Haas Edersheim

"I had the privilege of working closely with Marvin and McKinsey for many years. This book makes Marvin come to life and perpetuates him as a role model." -Pet...


Charles Fishman

An award-winning journalist breaks through the wall of secrecy to reveal the many astonishing ways Wal-Mart's power affects our lives and reaches all around the...