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Dale Carnegie

This is the book that gave birth to a self-improvement industry that spans the Globe (according to the Daily Express Newspaper). First written in 1936, this is ...

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The prevalence of Diabetes has steadily increased in the last half century and is expected to continue spreading. In the US alone, it is estimated that over 16 ...

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Vinit K. Bansal

Perhaps, emotions are the most beautiful things in the world which cannot be seen or even touched. Interestingly, they can only be felt with the heart. Love is ...

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Shreya Upadhyaya

Did you face this ever? We bet – You did! Parents compare you with other kids. Uncle & aunty think you are good for nothing. Teachers think you are no...

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Govinda Das

Karna on Trial deftly cast away myriads of misconception about the enigmatic ‘unsung hero’ unveiling his true position in Vyasdeva’s Mahabhara...

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Vinayak Jakati

Inspired by his childhood friend, Arjun, Darshan risks everything for his dreams and runs into his worst nightmare - almost throwing away his career, marriage, ...

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Debaprasad Mukherjee

So you don't like mysteries! Isn't it?' Fotu-Babu was outrageous all of a sudden. 'Then listen to it straightway you son-of-a-bitch. You are not...

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Nehali Lalwani , Neelam Saxena Chandra

"Women are pillars to the development of any society. A nation cannot develop unless and until the women of the country get educated, skilled and progresse...

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Abhishek Agrawal

Aratya, a guy next door comes from the land of dreams, kota. his strong and righteous character made him unique from other teenagers of his age. but he does a m...

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Mayank Sharma

Mirage: 'Nature's way of treating you with your need or desire'. Rajeev have an accident while he was on his way to celebrate his first marriage ...

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Ritesh Arora

Sarthak Arora is a good looking and intelligent engineering graduate from Delhi who has recently bagged a high paying job with an IT company in Kolkata. Sara...

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Aditi Mukherjee

One simply cannot imagine Emperor Aurangzeb- most acclaimed as a ruthless bigot, to be in love. The Last Mughal Warrior in Love is Emperor Aurangzeb’s sto...

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