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Krishna Dhan Das

A step-by-step guide that cultivates an improvement mindset, this book helps you shape your life afresh. Launch Your Life to the Next Level is a beacon ...


Guruji Naushir

Amrit originates from Sanskrit amrita, which means immortal. Amrit - the book in your hand is a work of deep love and wisdom from the immortal sage Mahavtar Bab...


Saachi Dhillon

The story of a young woman's journey to the Everest Base Camp despite limited trekking experience that will inspire even the hoi polloi to realize impossibl...


Manik Bhargava

"This book is a compilation of short stories based on my life and experiences. The stories delve into so many aspect of human life but still the common thr...

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Saamdu Chetri

What is the one thing every parent wants for their child? The universal answer: To be happy. How to Bring Up Happy Children, based on the Gross Natio...


Gemma Minda Io

A Resource Book Told as Only a Freelancer and a Survivor Can Do!!! Jobless to Job-Packed is not just about losing a job or finding one. Not just about beatin...


Shanti Dugar

Today men and women have become so busy in their day to day life that their quality of life instead of improving is deteriorating. Even if you are super-rich, i...


Steven Doss

"this is the journey of life which only a powerful soul can only pass a battle of unspoken words a mystery inspired by challenges or in times where w...


Dinesh Patel


Ankit Thakar

"Narrative: This book provides the time tested “Success Mantras” to crease out all that has been standing between you and your life’s big...

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Recognize this simple wisdom! The distinction between gold, silver, and bronze medals in a race can be achieved in microseconds. And success is for those who...


Satya Sidhartha Panda

The rapid growth of enrolment in the field of higher education has resulted in large number of students in one class room which is in-turn has led to a lack of ...